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      musical fountain 002
      dry type fountain 006
      program control fountain 008
      float type fountain 004
      wave light fountain 005
      artificial fog 004
      the indoor fountain 011
      runs the fountain 008
      rocking fountain 001
      ultra-high fountain 001
      water curtain movie 006
      the water screen plumb 006

jiangsu shui lang fountain equipment co., ltd. is located in the beautiful scenery of the taihu lake,the boundary of jiangsu, zhejiang and anhui provinces, known as the tao of the ancient capital, the hole in the world, tea oasis, bamboo sea, and "the professor of the township", "environmental protection of the township" reputation of yixing yixing, is a member of the chinese fountain waterscape professional committee, china's fountain waterscape, spray irrigation, water treatment, design, construction yiyi level enterprise, specialized in all kinds of fountain waterscape design, manufacture, installation, debugging, maintenance maintenance as one of the professional company.  


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